The Fortnite development team over at Epic Games have mastered the art of teasing their players, and the purple cube is the latest example of that.

A giant purple cube appeared on August 24, much to the surprise of players currently in games, and it has continued to baffle everyone with its erratic behavior.

The giant purple cube has been moving around the Fortnite map in what appears to be random movement.

Originally starting at Paradise Palms, the giant purple object moved north to past Fatal Fields and is heading west on the Fortnite map.

Thankfully Twitter user SiloLeaks has been keeping up to date with its movements, tracking each point of the cube.

We’ll be updating this article on a daily basis with the latest location of the cube until we know its final destination.

The final destination of the Cube is likely to fall in line with the launch of Season 6 of Fortnite’s Battle Pass.

With Season 5 coming to an end, you can expect the Epic Games devs to begin to pick up the pace with the amount of information dropped.

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