Earthquakes are shaking the world of Fortnite and now we might know the exact times they are coming.

It seems as though Epic Games is building up to Season 8 by having earthquakes rock the world.

For the most part, these earthquakes have seemed pretty random but a couple of players have discovered that they aren’t random at all.

Twitter users Lucas7Yoshi and Im_Rubic worked together to come up with the following list of times:

Several of these quakes have already occurred but you’ll be better able to keep track as to when the next ones will be coming.

If more cracks are going to be made with each quake then this map will be covered with them in no time.

There are already several cracks found on the map and if these leaked times are true then we can expect a whole more over the weekend.

Leaks have suggested tornadoes will be coming as well to lead up to Season 8 but we have yet to see any indication of those.

The same leak said earthquakes would be coming so we can maybe expect to see the tornadoes soon.

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