All of the information surrounding the release date of Fortnite Chapter 2 has been wrong so far. So, when will it come out?

Welcome to the Fortnite Chapter 2 waiting room. Happy to have you. Right now, the entire Fortnite community is sitting, waiting, and staring at a black hole.


The official Fortnite stream has around 80,000 viewers at the time of this writing, which is literally just a black hole and some ambient music. What a world.

All of the information we’ve had about the Fortnite Chapter 2 release has been incorrect. Rumors had it that the servers would be down for 24 hours – wrong. Information from the Chinese website told us the patch would go live at 4:05 PM EST – also wrong.

So, when can we expect Fortnite Chapter 2 to go live? The honest answer is that no one really knows. We’re guessing. Everyone is guessing. Will it go live at 8 PM EST tonight? Probably not, but who knows.

Right now, it seems more likely that Epic is going to update Fortnite overnight as they have with all of the patches in the past.

Jordan Fisher – who appears to have some sort of inside information about the new season – promised to tweet a hint if he got 3,000 retweets. His hint was this:

Midnight PST is 3 AM EST, which falls in line with normal patch times for Fortnite. Downtime usually starts at around 4 AM EST, which would give Jordan an hour to say hello to his stream before the downtime hits.

CourageJD also tweeted that he will be live at midnight PST.

So, contrary to all of the hints, information, speculation, and everything else we’ve heard we probably won’t be getting more Fortnite until tomorrow morning.

We’ll keep you posted with any more information that comes out about Fortnite Chapter 2, so stay tuned.

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