Fortnite patch v7.20 placed a mysterious sphere of ice above Polar Peak, within the sphere is the Ice King. Now, a countdown to a live event has began…

The twelve hourly increments of a clock have appeared around the Ice Sphere, every hour an increment disappears indicating that this is a countdown.

As time goes on, the ice is melting. What will happen once the countdown complete is not yet known. Stay tuned to / @FortniteINTEL for full coverage.

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The Ice Storm Live Event is set to begin on Saturday, January 19th, 2019 at 2PM Eastern.

United States

  • Eastern Standard Time (New York): 2:00PM
  • Central Standard Time (Chicago): 1:00PM
  • Mountain Standard Time (Salt Lake): 12:00PM
  • Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles): 11:00AM
  • Alaska Standard Time (Anchorage): 10:00AM
  • Hawaiian Standard Time (Honolulu): 9:00AM


  • Greenwich Mean Time (London): 7:00PM
  • Central European Standard Time (Madrid, Paris, Rome, Berlin): 8:00PM
  • Eastern European Time (Bucharest, Kyiv): 9:00PM
  • Moscow Standard Time (Moscow) 10:00PM


  • Australian Eastern Standard Time (Brisbane): 5:00AM
  • Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Sydney): 6:00AM
  • Australian Central Daylight Time (Adelaide): 5:30AM
  • Australian Western Standard Time (Perth): 3:00AM
  • New Zealand Daylight Time (Wellington): 8:00AM
  • Fiji Standard Time (Suva): 7:00AM


  • China Standard Time (Beijing): 3:00AM
  • Japanese Standard Time (Tokyo): 4:00AM
  • South Korean Time (Seoul): 4:00AM
  • Indonesian Time (Bali): 3:00AM
  • United Arab Emirates (Dubai): 11:00PM

South America

  • Brazilian Standard Time (Brasilia): 5:00PM
  • Colombian Time (Colombia) 2:00PM
  • Argentinan Time (Buenos Aires): 4:00PM

Still unsure when the event begins for you? Check out the countdown below.

Don’t see a countdown above? Check back in a few minutes as seems to be having technical troubles.

The Ice Storm Live Event will not be viewable in Playgrounds or any LTMs as these modes will be disabled.

via GrandtheftivMC
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