Season X may have just begun, but it’s never too early to look forward to when Season 11 will begin.

Every Fortnite season has an inevitable end date and, of course, Season X is no different. The time themed season began on August 1 with a series of changes from patch v10.0.

Battle Passes and missions must always be completed before the end of the season. For this reason, it’s good to look at the upcoming end date for the season. This will also give you an idea for when Season 11 will arrive.

Season X end date & Season 11 start date

Season X has started as a mixed bag of great changes and new innovations along with the awful addition of the B.R.U.T.E. mech. As with any other season, Battle Pass tiers are present along with additional rewards for completing mission sets.

Every season’s got a deadline end date and Season X’s lies about 8 weeks into the future. The in-game counter shows a daily countdown for players. If the current timeline stays set, the official end date for Season will be October 6, 2019.

Keep in my mind, however, that Epic Games has shifted season end dates around in the past to fit in events. For example, Season 10 was extended by two whole weeks to accommodate for the Fortnite World Cup Finals and Epic’s vacation ‘14 Days of Summer‘ event.

As of now, we have no reason to believe that this will be the case for Season X. Competitive Fortnite probably won’t have any major events for quite some time as Epic seeks to improve upon the esports scene.

Season 11 will also begin on October 6, 2019 after a downtime patch. We suspect this date to pushed forward to a weekday launch.

What will change in Fortnite Season 11?

We can only dream of the BRUTE’s removal

It’s a little too early to speculate about specific changes coming in Season 11. We’ll know more about this as we get closer to the launch. Generally, Epic tends to vault several impactful items at the beginning of seasons along with the introduction of new weapons.

Seasonal patches are generally larger than others due to the massive amount of data being streamed in for new skins, map changes, and more. Unreleased content is also generally loaded into these patches to prep them for Item Shop launch.

So, you’ve got tons of time to complete the Season X Battle Pass, but don’t get complacent. We highly suggest completing each week’s mission set on its release week to keep up. Rushing to complete everything at the end of the season can feel like a chore.

We hope your enjoying Season X so far despite the B.R.U.T.E. and will keep you updated on any extra developments for Season 11. Now, hop back in there to complete the weekly missions!