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When does Fortnite Season 8 end and Season 9 start?



We are more than halfway through Season 8 of Fortnite and Season 9 is fast approaching. Let’s take a look the exact dates for the start and end dates.

It’s a little unbelievable that we’re already so far into Season 8. The Season has brought so much controversy and content that we just keep moving forward at lightning speeds.

So, when did we begin the grind through Season 8 and when exactly will be done with the season’s challenges?

Season 8 Start & End Dates

Season 8 began on February 28th, in the brisk Thursday morning air.

The release saw the massive map changes to the northeast of the Fortnite island. The Volcano rose from the depths of the earth with Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps becoming fan-favorite drops in no time.

The Season so far has also brought with it the introduction of the controversial Baller vehicle and the even more controversial v8.20 patch.

The Baller vehicle- via Epic Games

The v8.20 update removed siphoning from public game modes, a mechanic that allowed better players to keep fights going by gaining health/shields per kill.

The latest Week 6 Challenges can be found in our dedicated article and you can find all other weeks by simply searching for the corresponding week with the search bar in the top right of the site.

So, when does Season 8 end?

Season 8 will end on Wednesday, May 8th. This means we have an approximate start date for Season 9.

Season 9 Start Date & Possible Content

Season 9 is presumed to begin directly after the end of Season. This means the new season will begin on Thursday, May 9th.

If the season works like all the others, the season will run for ten straight weeks before we transition into Season 10 of Fortnite.

Season 9’s end date is projected to be Wednesday, July 17th.

We don’t know much about the content coming Season 9 as of yet. Some leaked files have suggested incoming weapons, but these could arrive before or well after Season 9.

Dusty Divot digsite from Season 8

The dig sites that have been popping up along with the mysterious Helicopter might be clues to Season 9 content. The heavy mixture of stuff found with the digsites make it hard to make any accurate guesses on content.

It’s a safe bet that the Fortnite map will have significant changes brought to it once again. We’ll probably see at least one named location be sunk under an ocean of rubble, burned by a dragon, or something similarly catastrophic.

Fortnite World Cup Scheduling

Some of the above dates might have you a little confused if you are an avid follower of competitive Fortnite.

The first Fortnite World Cup event starts on Saturday, April 13th in Season 8.

Fortnite World Cup
The Fortnite World Cup is set to be played over the course of three seasons

Season 8 will end before the fifth week of the events are done and Season 9 will end just before the Fortnite World Cup Finals.

Yes, this means that the Fortnite World Cup will be played over three different seasons, making practicing nearly impossible. We won’t get into the whole discussion again here, but you can check out our other article for info on the non-competitive nature of scheduling.


Fortnite leaks point to underwater swimming coming in Season 3

Swimming underwater may be a permanent feature coming to Fortnite Season 3.



Early leaks of underwater swimming in Fortnite came to the game files several patches ago. Naturally, this led to the assumption that we’d be able to dive underwater in future Fortnite seasons.

These hopes were dashed when the Astronomical event happened. We swam underwater during this event, and most fans assumed that this would be the bulk of our undersea travel.

A couple of updates later, in v12.61, we saw the ability to swim underwater updated, yet again. When you combine this with the unconfirmed leaks covering Season 3, all signs are pointing to the ability to swim underwater in the next Fortnite Season.

Several data miners covered the new strings in the game files. After a bit of digging, they came up with the animation, itself.

As you can see from FortTory’s tweet, this animation is different from the normal swimming animation. You can dive, swim, and float in place while underwater.

There are still a ton of questions to be answered on this front. Will we able to swim underwater indefinitely or will we have an oxygen meter? Will this only be allowed on certain areas of the map? Does this mean we’re getting an underwater POI?

Underwater swimming has always been a difficult concept in gaming. Unfortunately, it could lead to a host of bugs and issues if there are some blind spots in development. Let’s hope for the best, though, and trust Epic to get it right.

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Fortnite ‘Storm the Agency’ challenge guide

Here’s how to complete the Fortnite Storm the Agency challenges.



Following the Fortnite v12.61 update, Epic released a new list of challenges called, “Storm the Agency.” as the name suggests, you’ll be required to complete tasks in and around the Agency and similar POIs.

These challenges appear to be replacing the Overtime Challenges that typically cap-off each season. Here’s what you’ll have to do:

  • Land at The Agency (0/1)
  • Survive Storm Circles (0/10)
  • Open a faction locked chest at different Spy Bases (0/3)
  • Swim over hatches at The Agency (0/1)
  • Eliminate a Henchman at different Safe Houses (0/3)
Via: @iFireMonkey

“Spy Bases” refer to the POIs that were added in Season 2: The Rig, The Shark, The Yacht, and The Grotto. Simply, put on a disguise and open one at each location.

The Safe Houses are the unnamed locations surrounding the map. You’ll find them to the East of Craggy Cliffs, the east of Frenzy Farm, in Pleasant Park, north of Misty Meadows, and northeast of Holly Hedges.

The rest of these challenges are straightforward. Most of you have already seen the hatches surrounding The Agency, which will, reportedly, open up when the event begins on Saturday.

The rewards for these challenges are decent but will offer the best chance to grab the golden Agent Peely skin before the Season ends. If you’re not already close, however, it might be a long shot.

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Leaked Fortnite v12.61 update skins and cosmetic items



Epic Games

Fortnite update v12.61 has arrived, and while Epic Games didn’t add many new skins or cosmetic items to the game, data miners and leakers have been sifting through the files and given us a look at what’s to come before the end of Chapter 2, Season 2.

Season 2 is rapidly coming to its conclusion, with the highly anticipated Doomsday event set to rock the game to its foundations as Epic Games moves to Season 3.

With the current season drawing to a close, the game’s developers have released the v12.61 Update on May 26 which includes a number of leaks as to what the event will entail.

For those who are looking a new skin or some new dances moves, though, Epic have added some new additions to the files which will be released over the next week or so.

Cyclo Doomsday skin and Windshear Cloak

There’s only one new skin in the game this week, but it appears to have major links to the end of Season 2, with the mysterious and imposing skin added to the files under the name “Hurricane,” prompting many to wonder if he is set to unleash the natural disaster onto the island.

On top of that, there is also a brand-new cloak that goes with Cyclo Doomsday, which appears to have been battered by winds and torn in places at the bottom. You can view the skin and back bling below courtesy of @Lucas7yoshi.

Drake’s Toosie Slide comes to Fortnite

Definitely the most surprising addition to the game, global megastar Drake has made his first appearance in Fortnite, with a brand-new emote appearing in-game based on a dance from the music video for his latest single, Toosie Slide.

The track debuted on April 3, and was then eventually released as part of his new mixtape Dark Lane Demo Tapes. It immediately became a hit on TikTok, with creators dancing along to the instructions featured in the song, and now Fortnite players can do the same. You can watch the Toosie Slide emote in action below, thanks to @HYPEX.

On top of that, Epic have actually licensed the song, so when you’re sliding in front of your downed enemies, they’ll hear October’s Very Own singing along.

Fortnite’s v12.61 patch is expected to be the final patch before Chapter 2, Season 3 kicks off, so it was always likely that new cosmetics would be in short supply this week. Data miners are still sifting through the files though, so if any more are discovered we’ll be sure to update this article.

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