We’re rapidly approaching the end of Fortnite Season 10, but when exactly can fans expect that to happen?

Fortnite Season 10, also known as Season X, will go down as one of the most controversial seasons to ever arrive in the game.

For fans who are not a fan of what has transpired with this season, whether it’s the mechs, rift zones, etc. you can take solace in the fact the season is ending very soon.

How soon is it? On September 19, the Battle Pass screen in Fortnite said the season ends in 16 days, which would put us at an end date of October 5 or 6. The PlayStation Store says Sunday, October 6 so that one seems the most likely.

Fortnite Season 10 end date.

This is provided Epic Games doesn’t extend the season with a set of Overtime Challenges, as they’ve done in the past. What makes this season interesting is it ends on a weekend, which a first for Fortnite.

Fan theories have suggested Epic could be planning a huge event for the end of the season that could have major impact on the rest of the map going forward.

There are 12 locations that are still waiting to make an appearance in the game, which either means the map is going to be completely different in Season 11, or there’s a huge event planned that will have a lot of rift beacons going off at once.

The Rocket is under construction in Dusty Depot.

The live events have often been the highlights of a season, regardless of what your overall thoughts were on the season. We don’t yet know what’s in store but signs are pointing towards yet another rocket launch.

As for when Season 11 begins, we might be looking at it right at the end of Season 10. One fan theory has even gone as far as suggesting the live event could directly lead into the new season.

Traditionally, the live events occur a few days before the end of a season. Are you excited for the end of Season X? Feel free to let us know how you feel in the comments below!

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  1. season 10 has been wack with mech hoards and bringing back og locations but not bringing back og locations. example greasy but not the original thing some stupid taco thing now


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