Epic Games will be making a splash at the 2019 Game Awards with a special announcement. What could it be?

Epic Games and Fortnite are nominated for several awards at this year’s Game Awards – set to take place on December 12 at 8:30 PM EST.

The developer is up for ‘Best Community Support’ and Fortnite is up for ‘Best Ongoing Game,’ ‘Best Esports Game,’ and ‘Best Esports Event’ for the World Cup.

Today, on December 9, the official Fortnite account tweeted that they’d have a special announcement for the Game Awards. We don’t know exactly what this announcement will be, but we have some theories.

Here are some of the more likely and exciting announcements that Epic could make at the Game Awards 2019.

The Block 2.0

Via: Epic Games

The Block is one of the most popular theories for Epic’s announcement at the Game Awards. There are several pieces of evidence that point to this being the case.

First, Epic announced the Block at last year’s Game Awards. That’s probably the number-one indication that we’ll be getting the same thing this year. On top of that, Risky Reels is getting cleared out. The Block replaced Risky during Chapter 1.

This probably isn’t enough of a splash, though. Too many players are expecting it, and it would be a repeat of last year. We might be getting The Block 2.0 but we’ll probably get something else as well.

Arena Duos

Via: Epic Games

The next likely announcement revolves around the mode that has been requested by nearly all of the Fortnite competitive community: Arena Duos.

We saw the announcement of the Winter Royale Duos last week, which means that players need a chance to practice before the event. The game awards would make the perfect stage for such a reveal.

Like the return of The Block, though, a lot of fans expect Arena Duos – whether Epic makes a show of announcing it or not.

Additional content

Via: Epic Games

Season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 2 is now extended into February, which leaves a ton of downtime between a finished Battle Pass and the new season. Epic has to be planning something for the holiday break and could announce their plans at the Game Awards later this week.

Last year, we got 14 Days of Fortnite for the holiday season. This year – with the season extended even further – we should expect more unlockable content to play through while we wait for the new season.

Most players are expecting a Fortnite holiday update this week, but Epic could delay that until next week and announce the changes at the Game Awards.

Chapter 2 Season 2

Via: Epic Games

Could Epic be pulling a bait and switch with their Season 2 delay? Are they waiting for the Game Awards to announce their Season 2 update? Probably not, but it’s possible.

Epic has been cryptic with the information they’ve given us about Chapter 2. They didn’t even release their first batch of patch notes until recently. They may be forcing us to lower our guards by making us think that we have to wait another two months for Season 2.

Again, this probably isn’t the case. Nevertheless, a Season 2 announcement would get the biggest pop from the crowd and fuel the hype machine going into the holidays.

World Cup 2020

Epic Games

Another high-profile possibility is the announcement of the second-annual Fortnite World Cup.

Epic is up for ‘eSports Event of the Year’ for the first World Cup – an award they will likely win. If they do, the announcement of the second World Cup would fit like a hand in a glove.

What do you hope Epic will announce during the 2019 Game Awards? Let us know in the comments.

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