With the Nexus event happening soon, players will have the option to vote on one of six new weapons to bring out of the vault.

The weapons available to be voted on are the Drum Gun, the Tac SMG, the Grappler, Bouncers, the Stormwing X-4 Plane, and the Infinity Blade.

I have my own personal preference but I will do my best to separate personal biases from this list.

The goal is to examine each weapon and provide some positive and negatives for their return to Fortnite.

There will be no way to cover every aspect of each weapon so I will keep each paragraph relatively short. We will start with the Drum Gun.

Why you should vote for the Drum Gun

Right now the Drum Gun seems to be one of the favorites based on unofficial Twitter polls. Most vaulted weapons in Fortnite belong there, but a lot of people have been clamoring for the Drum Gun’s return since it left the game in Season 5.

A weapon best at short and mid range, the Drum Gun was good for melting structures and keeping them down. It was a powerful weapon, but reasonable balanced given the drop-off with range and wide bloom with continued use. You should vote for this weapon if you want a strong, readily available weapon that doesn’t change the gameplay too much.

Feeling like Al Capone is always fun in a game

Why you should vote for the Tac SMG

An absolute laser of a weapon, the tactical SMG was an extremely powerful close range weapon that was overshadowed by the double pump.

The Double Pump nerf that finally killed the strategy happened on July 12th, 2018 and the Tactical SMG was vaulted just five days later on July 17th. That means we never really got to see what the weapon could do without the worry of being double pumped.

You should vote for this weapon if your aim with shotguns is below average and you want another way to win close-range fights. On the flip side, you shouldn’t vote for this weapon if you love using the pump shotgun because the Tac SMG will make the pump less effective.

Why you should vote for the Grappler

If you want to play Fortnite for the funny clips, the Grappler could be the vote for you. Strategy aside, Fortnite is a better game when there is a toilet plunger grappling hook in the game. While it was in the game, it made for some fun clips as people jumped around flying at opponents with the pump shotgun.

Now the effect the Grappler would have on the game might be pretty minimal. It unfortunately just doesn’t do a ton. It would feel bad to have something get voted in that is left on the floor when players are looting. You should vote for the Grappler if you just love the idea of popping off using a toilet plunger grappling hook. You shouldn’t vote for the Grappler if your goal is to shake up the meta.

I mean look at it, arguably the best weapon/item design in the game

Why you should vote for Bouncers

Much in the same vein as the Grappler, Bouncers are just a lot of fun. They can be used in build battles to surprise your opponent and as a quick way to get away from high elevations without hurting when you land.

I feel like I will be repeating myself with a lot of the same points made in the Grappler post above. There is one key difference between the two. The grappler took up a valuable item slot while the Bouncer slides into the trap slot. That makes it easier to use because there is no downside to picking it up. You should vote for the Bouncer if you like avoiding build battles and having fun clips.

Why you should vote for the Plane

Finally we reach the final two suggestions which will be the most drastic changes to the game if they get added. The plane was a constant sore spot for players throughout Season 7 and was finally removed at the end of the season.

Since it was removed, more people have been arguing for it to come back. Now they have their chance. In casual modes the plane was good but wasn’t game breaking like it was in competitive play. It definitely was fun to use, but it did deviate from the normal pace of Fortnite.

I’m going to don a tin-foil hat and hit you with a Fortnite conspiracy theory. Fortnite’s servers can’t handle the absurd amount of edits in late-game competitive Fortnite so since the start of Season 7 they have a busted vehicle that is used by a lot of the game’s population. That would explain why the plane went directly into The Baller.

Here’s my conspiracy theory: Epic will distort the votes to bring back the plane and replace the Baller. This takes the blame off them when the vehicle comes back, and allows them to say “hey, the community demanded it.” Note: This conspiracy theory does not reflect the ideas of FortniteINTEL, I just like conspiracies.

So if the Plane ends up winning, remember this article.

Anyway, the legitimate reason to vote for the plane is if you enjoyed flying around the map and landing on the far corners knowing you have a way to rotate in. Also if you want to just flip the bird to the competitive community.

It was fun, for a while

Why you should vote for the Infinity Blade

You shouldn’t.

Lol, jokes aside I actually couldn’t come up with a good argument for returning it to the game.

If you have one, let me know in the comments.

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