Patch v3.5.0 releases tomorrow, Wednesday April 11 at 4AM ET/8AM GMT and here’s everything we know so far:

New Grenade: Port-a-Fort

The new Port-a-Fort grenade “sprouts a quick defensive position upon impact” as demonstrated in the video above.

Guided Missile changes

Although no detail has been given on exactly what is changing, Epic’s Community Coordinator Chris Attalus has stated that adjustments are coming with v3.5.0:

Teammate Traps

It looks like we’ll be able to tell when a trap is friendly after tomorrow, hinted at over on Reddit in response to a request for the feature:

Bug Fixes (Trello board)

There are a number of important bug fixes coming with tomorrow’s patch:

Floating weapon/unable to shoot

“Quickly cycling through weapons or switching to build mode can cause your weapon to appear to float or keep you from being able to shoot or build.”

Unable to build

“Players may encounter a temporary issue with building even with the correct amount of materials.”

Unable to edit structures

“Players may sometimes become locked out of editing friendly structures.”

Random controller vibrations

“Controllers are vibrating at times when they shouldn’t.”

Visual problem with the Rabbit Raider outfit

“Players may notice visual problems with the ears while wearing the Rabbit Raider outfit.” This is expected to fix problems with Raven too.

General hitches during gameplay on console

“The amount of longer hitches on console has steadily increased over the last few builds.

As far as we can tell the root cause is blocking loads and we are pursuing two approaches to improve the situation.

  1. Making sure we are not blocking on file I/O and removing cases where we incorrectly are.
  2. Improving load speed.

The latter is done by re-ordering our assets on HDD which requires shipping a large patch on PS4 and Xbox One. This is currently planned for v3.5.”