Fortnite v12.20 is coming tomorrow, March 17. Take a look at what to expect in the Fortnite patch notes.

Fortnite v12.20 has just been announced, which means it’s time to speculate as to what the update will bring. We have an idea of a few new items, weapons, or mechanics that will be coming with the update, along with the standard bug fixes.


Let’s take a look at what to expect when we load up the community-made Fortnite patch notes. Unfortunately, Epic is continuing their mysterious ways with the lack of official patch notes so it will be up to the players, once again.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes are the one constant that we can expect in all of the Fortnite updates – v12.20 is no different. Here are all of the expected bug fixes from the Fortnite Community Issues Trello board:

  • Player markers placed too far away.
  • Stuck inside Porta Potty.
  • Unable to place trap if trap icon hasn’t finished loading.
  • Buildings and structures may appear low detail.
  • Unable to resume Auto-Sprint on PlayStation 4.
  • Rails on the Yacht Prefab are displaced when placing the Prefab (Creative).
  • Vault Banner is missing from locker.
  • Buildings and structures may appear low detail.
  • End of match: unable to return to Lobby, go to Item Shop, or report player.


A couple of weeks ago, we saw several leaks regarding helicopters in the Fortnite game files. We also saw helipads added to several POIs and landmarks around the Fortnite map.

All of this points to helicopters coming in v12.20. Now, Fortnite has to compete with the already-successful CoD Warzone for our playtime. They need to add something new to the game, and helicopters would be the most natural fit.

According to the helicopter leaks, these vehicles will fit one person, have 1,500 HP, will be able to boost, and won’t have any weapons. We’ll have to wait and see how much of this is true.

A new weapon

Helicopters weren’t the only thing that data miners found in the Fortnite v12.10 game files. They also found a new-and-improved Scoped AR and Slug Shotgun.

One of these might be coming in the v12.20 update, with another held until a content update. They could, of course, give us everything at once. We’re still waiting on the leaked Disguise Kit from the Season 2 patch, as well.

So, that’s what we’re expecting from the v12.20 patch. We’ll keep you posted when the update goes live with all of the Fortnite patch notes, leaks, and everything else you need to know.

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