After The Block smashed Risky Reels and replaced it with a slab of concrete it has featured many designs. 

We have seen markets with hidden tunnels, giant pyramids and stadiums, airstrips and lunar celebrations.

Some of them have been fan favorites that provided a ton of loot and some have been afterthoughts.

Considering Risky Reels was a very popular landing spot, people who have had their designs chosen have had their work cut out for them.

Epic is currently on the thirteenth design for The Block, a new one has been put in the game every week since the beginning of December.

The current design on The Block is by BOTIMUS-PRIME, and titled “Turtle Temple”.

The Block is updated every week with a new fan-made Fortnite creation!

The giant turtle-like creature has several floors and rooms for players to explore, but be careful as players will be dozens of feet in the air! There have been some complaints of a lack of loot on the block, but it is important to remember that Epic controls the chest and floor loot, not the content creator.

Here’s a top-down view on Turtle Temple:

As you can see, the head of the turtle is the main part of the design but there are some other chests and good mats spots within it’s body.

After this design rotates out you will be able to find it slotted into our rankings for the best designs on The Block.

Here are the updated rankings with all the previous designs:

Ranking all the different designs on The Block

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