The Fortnite community is stuck wondering what’s going on in the game. We can’t play it right now, and new developments suggest we won’t be able to play until Tuesday.

Today, October 13, brought us the Fortnite event to end all Fortnite events. Players watched, stunned, as a barrage of rockets grabbed the meteor, shot it into the Zero Point at Loot Lake, and created a black hole that eclipsed the map.

Quite a bit has happened since then. The official Fortnite account deleted all of their tweets as cryptic numbers started popping up on the live stream. These were later decoded as a hidden message from the Visitor.

Now, we’re just left here, waiting. We don’t know what will happen next, but we know a few things. First, this isn’t downtime.

If this isn’t downtime, then what is going on? The Epic Games Status page displays “anomaly detected” across the board. Fortnite isn’t down for an update. It’s just broken.

This is likely intended, although we don’t know for sure. The game seems to be completely gone, although Epic is likely generating hype for the new season – and it’s working.

According to the files of the Fortnite website, we might not be able to play again until 6 AM on Tuesday. This is only speculation from the website files, but we could be facing a day without Fortnite.

Could this be the case? Could we really be without Fortnite for an entire day? A lot of people don’t believe it, but let’s indulge this idea for a minute.

Fortnite isn’t down right now. There don’t appear to be any updates. There has been no announced downtime from Epic. Based on all of the information we have, they haven’t even started implementing the new patch yet.

At this point, it seems likely we won’t see Fortnite Chapter 2 until tomorrow. If they’re going to wait until tomorrow, though, why wouldn’t they wait until Tuesday? This is much more of a “normal” update day for video games.

Fortnite the end lobby event

No game has ever done anything like this before – but no game has ever hosted in-game events as Fortnite has. Could Epic be capitalizing on the hype?

Think about it: Fortnite is down across the board. Player count is down and viewership is down. No one is going to forget about the game after a day, so what if Epic is using a delay to maximize the hype around the new season and bring players back?

For reference, I’ve had friends who don’t even play Fortnite ask me about it today. What Epic is doing is unheard of, and making us wait until Tuesday could be their greatest idea yet.

Let’s hope this isn’t going to happen, though. I’m already getting the itch to play.

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