The Fortnite Season 10 event has concluded, leaving everyone questioning as the official Fortnite Twitter account deletes its entire history with strange numbers appearing around the black hole.

The Fortnite Season 10 event is over, which means the first phase of Fortnite is over. It’s safe to assume that we’re getting Fortnite Chapter 2 later today. The Epic Games launcher just went live at the time of this writing, but there’s a queue to enter.


The entire Fortnite community is waiting with bated breath to see what’s going to happen next. Epic is adding to the hype and confusion by deleting every tweet on the official Fortnite account.

If you take a look at the account right now, all you’ll see is the event live stream and a retweeted song recapping Season 10.

To confuse the issue further, there have been strange numbers popping up near the black hole that swallowed the Fortnite map.

There have been four numbers so far: 11, 146, 15, 62. What do these mean? You tell us. No one has any idea.

According to @Hypex, these are listed as “spooky numbers” in the game files. Real creative, Epic.

It’s become more clear than ever that we’re moving on from the original Fortnite. For all intents and purposes, we’ll be getting Fortnite 2 when it’s all said and done.

For now, we’re in the Fortnite Chapter 2 waiting room. Here’s to hoping the downtime ends sooner rather than later.

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