There’s a new Star Wars-themed crossover in Fortnite Chapter 2, celebrating the launch of the new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game. The Storm Trooper skin is the main appeal, but everyone’s also wondering about the mysterious Star Destroyer.

If you buy Fallen Order from the Epic Games store, you’ll get your very own Storm Trooper skin to play as in Fortnite (check out our guide here), but that’s not the only new Star Wars related addition.

When on the battle royale map, look up to the sky and you will notice the distinctive shape of the Star Destroyer menacingly imposing its shadow of the island.

Image via Lucas7Yoshi / Epic Games

It’s presumed that in the coming days, the ship may move closer to the map, until it is directly above, and trigger some kind of in-game event, although this is not confirmed.

However, it’s already possible to go directly the ship and investigate, as YouTuber Ali-A demonstrates in his November 15 video.

Using the Fortnite Creative mode, Ali-A was able to reach the Star Destroyer in the sky and see if there were any clues to its purpose in the game.

Topic starts at 4:40 for mobile users.

Unfortunately though, there’s very little to it, as Ali-A simply clips through the ship, with nothing of note in sight.

That doesn’t rule out the possibility that there is more to come with the Star Destroyer though, but it’s also possible that it’s there for mere decoration.

So far, Chapter 2 has been pretty devoid of any exciting gameplay additions, or new stuff in general, so hopefully, there is more to come of this Star Wars crossover.

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