Before people complained about planes and blades and everything in-between, they complained about the Double Pump. 

Fortnite’s OG OP strategy was the tool of choice for popular streamers like TSM’s Myth and Daequan as they began their rise to some of the most popular channels on Twitch.

Then, it was nerfed. Way back in Patch 3.0, the strategy that allowed players to avoid the reload (pump) animation by doubling up on shotguns was no more.

Since that patch in February of 2018, Fortnite has changed a lot. We’ve seen vehicles be implemented and tons of new items.

So when Double Pump appeared back in the game with the v7.20 patch, many players welcomed back the strategy that reminded them old school Fortnite.

Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. Just hours after players discovered the exploit on mobile and PC, the game was patched and Double Pump again went to the vault in the sky.

Considering how long Epic has taken to fix many bugs and issues, they seemed to patch the double pump in record time.

All that remains of the Season 7 Double Pump are a couple tweets from Myth and Daequan and some YouTube videos.

The thing is, while Double Pump was the most strong strategy in old Fortnite, it really isn’t absurdly strong anymore.

Apparently, Epic disagreed and they got rid of Double Pump in a hurry. Maybe it comes back one day, but this brief period would have been a great time to let people try it and see if it retained its old power.

Do you want Double Pump to still be a part of Fortnite? Why or why not?

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