Google announced their brand new Stadia gaming service at 2019’s GDC event on March 19, which will allow gamers to stream games to their PC, tablet, TV, or mobile device.

There have been numerous cloud-based gaming services that have launched throughout the years, like OnLive, but the services usually flop within a year or two.

Cloud-based gaming services are great for gamers who can’t affford a console or gaming PC, but price doesn’t always mean a great service.

Specifically, with Google’s Stadia, gamers will be able to take advantage of Google’s services by streaming games directly to Google Chrome, Chromecast, or specific Pixel devices.

Stadia will be able to play games across PC, mobile, and tablet devices.

Google’s Stadia service allows players to move across different devices during the same game, with the function being shown on the main stage as a Google member moved their game from a phone, to a tablet, and ending on a TV.

Stadia will offer a unique function for Youtubers, where streamers will be able to enable an option to allow fans to play alongside them “with a push of a button”.

Google’s Phil Harrison showed off the function within YouTube, where fans can watch their favorite streamer and then select “play now” to jump in and join the gaming session!

Google will be launching a new Stadia Controller alongside the service, that will act as the service’s power bank. Stadia’s service will connect directly to the controller through Wi-Fi.

Google will offer 3 different designs for the Stadia Controller.

The Stadia Controller looks to be a mash-up of Microsoft’s Xbox One controller and Sony’s PlayStation 4 Dualshock controller.

Stadia is a cloud based service, which means that everything is being run through your internet.

Gamers with poor internet will be able to see input lag, along with frame drops, rubberbanding, and other potential issues.

Stadia boasts 10.7 GPU teraflops, leading over other consoles.

For those who aren’t familiar with input lag, this is a general gaming term used to describe the delay between the television or monitor and the signal that is being displayed on the screen.

For example, if a gamer is playing Fortnite on an internet connection that only pushes 20 mbps, they might see that there is a slight delay between pressing a button and seeing that action executed in the game.

Input delay is horrible for Fortnite players, as this delay effects building, editing, shooting, and even moving around the map.

To be clear, there has been no announcement on if Google has found a way to eliminate input lag for Stadia.

There hasn’t been a release date or price on Stadia, but Google announced that the cloud gaming service will arrive “Later in 2019”.

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