The End came to Fortnite as the game has essentially been wiped from existence and while everyone was watching the event in-game, you might be wondering what it looked like from the pre-game lobby.

Catching the live event in-game has always been important for those who don’t want to miss out on the culmination of a season. However, Epic had something special for those who were stuck in the lobby.


In past seasons, players who weren’t able to catch the event would have to have watched a recap on YouTube, but with Season 10, Epic had something else for them.

If you found yourself stuck in the lobby during the October 13 event, you were treated to a black hole in the lobby, which is what happened to the game, but on a much larger scale.

Twitter user TurbanDorito uploaded a video form their Xbox One showcasing what the event looked like from the lobby.

It’s a nice touch from Epic to include this as not everyone was able to get the event when it started, so this is a good consolation prize for players.

Now that the event and season have wrapped up, we have to figure out where Fortnite is going now. Epic Games wiped the Fortnite Twitter account clean of tweets and replaced their banner and profile picture with a black hole.

fortnite blackout
Fortnite scrubbed their Twitter clean.

No definitive time has been given for when Fortnite will be back up, but they’re playing into it quite well with the deletion of their tweets, Trello board, and even their status page.

Given the popularity of Fortnite, we can’t imagine the game will be down for too long so stay tuned. It’s still unclear whether what comes next will be Season 11 or Fortnite Chapter 2.

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