A YouTuber under the name “Max Box” has uploaded a YouTube video of what Fortnite would look like if the Battle Royale mode had a first person view.

A YouTuber has made an impressive video containing what would be a first person perspective for players in Fortnite Battle Royale. The video, which showcases a ton of clips using the YouTuber’s added first person view, is quite impressive and makes you think how different the game would be without an over-the-shoulder third person camera.

The video’s description explains the thoughts and method of making the montage.

“This was done with an extensive use of the (very buggy) replay system in-game, so while it’s not “live” footage, it’s certainly better than anything else out there so far that I’ve been able to find.”

“I thought I’d try to show what Fortnite would actually look like in first person mode. There’s no overlay or damage indicators, though if I make more of these in the future, I may try to incorporate them.”

Of course, because this was done using the replay mode – there isn’t a way of seeing an actual built-in first-person mode. Or is there? Well, it turns out that Save the World – Fortnite’s other co-op survival gamemode – has had one in the options for quite some time.

FaZe Clan’s Avery ‘Avxry’ Lopriore has shown what a build battle would look like in first-person using Save the World’s option.

Do you want this implemented into Battle Royale? We hopefully could see a first-person Limited Time Mode – how cool would that be? Let us know in the comments below!

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