Wendy’s, a fast food brand well known for it’s hilarious – and sometimes edgy – social media presence, has taken to Fortnite.

Despite being primarily a burger place, Wendy’s pledged allegiance to Team Pizza in the ongoing war between Durr Burger and Pizza Pit for culinary supremacy of Tomato Town.


The seeming betrayal of their side is because one of Wendy’s taglines is “fresh, never frozen” and Durr Burger is filled with freezers.

In taking up the cause, Wendy’s went live on Twitch to destroy Durr Burger over and over.

The stream started at 2 PM EST but is still live as of publishing and you can watch their mission below:

Watch live video from wendys on www.twitch.tv

The skins they use are also hilarious choices. The red riding hood skin looks a lot like Wendy’s logo and the recently added Tender Defender is also a great choice.

On Twitter, Wendy’s often interacts with other brands and the best response to their tweet came from Digiornos, a frozen at-home pizza.

There is a lot of value in this type of ad campaign. Twitch chat is filled with references to Wendy’s menu items like the Baconator and the 4 for 4.

They continued interacting with Twitch chat, at one point someone said “I’ll ask my Dad to go get Wendy’s right now if you say ‘yeet yeet we only serve fresh meat’” and the official account was quick to oblige. Few brands have figured out ways to authentically engage with the esports/gaming audience but this is a great one.

While the gameplay might not be the highest quality, the memes sure are. 

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