The Block is Epic’s way of showing off the community’s map creations and it’s been a popular addition to the map since its release. A new Block location has been leaked following the v8.30 update.

The Block regularly rotates to display new works of art made by the Fortnite community. A new one just arrived in Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode on April 10th, but it seems another one is already lurking around in the files.

Leaks from the v8.30 data files for Fortnite have revealed an additional Block locations coming to Fortnite in the future.

Cordial Courtyard

The first of the two was leaked by @SkinTrackerCom on Twitter. The info from searching through the new files added in v8.30. Here’s the original tweet:

The new location was created by ‘gonzothewizard’ and features a medieval design.

While the picture doesn’t do the creation complete justice, we can see some of the features it holds.

A large castle can be seen on the left, with a wide open courtyard exterior. A few trees and bushes will provide wood while most of the structures will give brick to players willing to chop them down to size.

A small wooden gazebo in located the nearest edge of the camera and a barn of some kind is located at the far end of the complex.

Overall, the styling is quite similar to the fortress at popular peak.

Cordial Courtyard will arrive in Fortnite on the week of April 15th, after the first Fortnite World Cup Solos event. The newest Block was just released on April 10th with v8.30 update and serves as this week’s addition.

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  1. Please put the picture on the article so i can actually see it when im in school? Twitter is blocked and i cant see anything because you always link reddit or twitter


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