Each week’s Limited Time missions offer players a chance at an extra free Tier for their Season X Battle Pass.

If you are looking for ways to speed up your completion of the Season X Battle Pass, you might want to collect each week’s hidden Battle Stars. These free treats offer up 10 Battle Stars which amounts to a full tier of progress.

Each week has its own unique, limited-time set of missions in Season X. Week 3’s is called ‘Leftovers’ and tasks players with a wide assortment of varying objectives. You can find out more about the challenges and the hidden star below.

Season X ‘Leftovers’ Hidden Battle Star Location

First off, you’ll need to complete at least three ‘Leftovers’ missions before being able to pick the hidden Star. As of August 19, 5 missions have been unlocked by Epic. The remaining two will become available in the days leading up to Week 4.

All tasks so far consists of eliminations, item usage, or other such stuff. None of the objectives thus far include location based pick-ups. Hordes can be found at Retail Row in all Core modes. Here’s a look at all the available challenges:

Leftovers Missions – Season X

Moving onto the hidden Battle Star, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide. Along with this guide, we’ve also crafted a map showing the general location of the star.

Leftovers Week 3 Mission Hidden Battle Star Map
  1. Hop into any Core mode or Team Rumble
  2. Head towards the desert race track, east of Retail Row
  3. Land at the location marked in the map above
  4. Head inside the SofDeez Ice Cream shop through the front door
  5. Look to your right and you’ll see the Week 3 Battle Star
  6. Complete!

If you find yourself struggling to complete the challenge in core modes, please do try Team Rumble. The game mode allows for much easier completion of these missions and lets you feel at a bit more at ease with allies nearby.

This video by HarryNinetyFour shows the whole process of collecting the Leftover hidden Battle Star.

Be sure to keep checking back on the site as Epic Games is getting ready to release the next patch for Fortnite. We’re not yet sure whether this will be a Content Update or a fully fledged patch, but we’ll let you know as soon as we get that info.

How have you been enjoying Season X so far? It’s certainly been a bumpy ride with the BRUTE, but we’ve got to hand to Epic on the challenges front. The Fortbyte system felt a bit repetitive and the old challenges system also had started to get stale. The Missions have brought a significant uptick in variety and we’ve honestly been having a blast completing them.