The last week of Fortnite Battle Royale Season 8 is here, and players who complete all of the weeks’ challenges will be able to locate a special hidden banner hidden around the map.

Fans who own the Battle Pass can complete all of Season 8 Week 10’s challenges in order to locate the hidden challenge banner.

If you need help completing any of Week 10’s challenges, feel free to browse through our articles which might give you a few helpful tips.

Where is the challenge banner for Week 10?

After players complete all seven challenges they will be able to find the secret banner.

Thanks to Fortnite leakers, we found out what all of Season 8 Week 10’s challenges would be along with the location of the secret banner.

Thanks to Dexerto, we have an image of Week 10’s loading screen which will show the location of the secret banner – Loot Lake.

IMG: Dexerto

To be more specific, the banner will be floating above the black truck circled in red.

If fans are still having trouble locating the secret banner, they can also look at the Fortnite map and land within the map coordinate E4.

IMG: Dexerto

Once players complete all challenges, the Discovery challenge will be available for players to complete as well.

Discovery challenge

Throughout the entirety of Season 8 players were able to earn experience towards unlocking the Discovery skin, Ruin, by completing weekly Battle Pass challenges.

We have an article explaining the ‘Ruin’ Discovery skin along with its associated challenges.

Each season of Fortnite Battle Royale there is a special skin themed after the season, similar to the Blockbuster, Road Trip, and Hunting Party challenges from previous seasons.