A new file has been added to the WeaponSkins folder after Patch v5.41, this file is called TheCUBE. It’s possible this could be the purple texture seen on the Cube applied to a gun in the form of a Skin/Camo.

Fortnite Patch v5.40 went live on Thursday, September 6 with major changes happening across the game.

A number of high profile weapons were vaulted, including the Revolver, and the new grappler was introduced to make cross map exploration that little bit more exciting.

As you’d expect there was plenty of new stuff for the dedicated Fortnite data mining community, who continually search through new updates to find out what’s set to come out.

Among the new information, data for weapon skins, pets, and music packs have been spotted in the raw files. FNBRLeaks posted the following image on their Twitter.

via www.Twitter.com/FNBRLeaks

The prospect of weapon skins has been one requested by the Fortnite community, and despite having a third person perspective blocking the full view of the weapon, it’s expected that it will still be just as popular.

You can view more information on what was included in the update by viewing the PATCH NOTES, or if you want more leaked information, check out these LEAKED COSMETICS.

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