Tyler Blevins, the top Twitch streamer in the world – also known as “Ninja”, has shown viewers just how good he really is at Fortnite.

Recently, the latest v5.40 patch to Fortnite Battle Royale made some changes to the map, including the addition of a brand new building in Tilted Towers.

Tilted Towers is known for the amount of players that drop there – it’s essentially a hardcore zone in the map. No Man’s Land. However, Ninja and his team of DrLupo, TimtheTatman and Mad Ruski decided to head straight into the city and try get a head start.

After dropping, Ninja got into some gunfights, lowering him to just 4 HP (health points) and leaving the streamer with absolutely no building materials. That wasn’t going to stop him, though.

The clip below will give you an insight into just how amazing Ninja can be at Fortnite, and that if you ever forget, it’s a little reminder not just of how good he may be, but also that building isn’t so important in these kinds of situations.

Even more shocking about this clip is Blevins’ reaction himself to the situation. In amazing clips, Ninja usually freaks out and asks the chat to save the clip, but in this one – where he got seven kills with 4 HP and no building materials, he doesn’t even give a reaction.
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