Fortnite’s Summer Skirmish tournament pits major Fortnite professionals and internet personalities against each other in a bid to win $500,000 in prize money.

Twitch streamers Ninja and DrLupo were playing Duos when they were in the vicinity of where the Lightning Bolt strikes were occuring on cacti in Paradise Palms.

The timing of their location at that point was both crucial and insanely coincidental, so they were very lucky to see the Cube form at that exact point.

The Cube gives players 1 shield every second, but both streamers were too distracted to actually notice – they only saw the damage it did, and they were too late by then.

Ninja proceeds to touch the Cube, only to be bounced back and lose 12 health. He then tries shooting it, and the Cube reflects the bullets back against him – eventually hitting him far away.

“It hurts, it hurts! Get away from it!” Ninja screams at DrLupo, who seems to be a bit more curious than him.

Luckily, they then again realised they were playing in a tournament for $500,000 and that the Cube wasn’t worth it.

Suspiciously, Epic Games did deliberately time the event to happen during the Summer Skirmish – they might have wanted streamers to react to it and get worldwide coverage of such an unannounced event.

We still do not know what the Cube itself will end up doing; it does, however, contain dozens of symbols and patterns when you approach it. You can even bounce on top of it to make it zap other players in the area – but we don’t know if that will be patched.