One clever Reddit user put the giant in-game pianos to use by recreating some fan favorite emote songs.

First introduced at the beginning of Season 6, various pianos can be found around the Fortnite map for a previous challenge.

Reddit user ‘Jachael123’ took the instruments to a new level by creating the songs that you hear during the Best Mates, Orange Justice, and Wiggle emotes.

The videos were put together in a format similar to a capella videos where you get to see how Jachael123 made each part of the song.

So I made three more Fortnite emote songs with the giant in-game piano… from r/FortNiteBR

Along with the pianos, Jachael123 cleverly used different weapon sound effects to create the percussion parts of each song along with the clap used in the default dance.

Jachael123 uses the SMG, pistol, and SCAR for the extra sound effects.

The community loved the post and its creativity. Many users went on to request more emote songs for Jachael123 to perform next.

We did get a clue as to what Jachael123 has in store for us next as he told the comments that that “Hype will definitely be next, along with Twist. Gotta think of a good third one [though].”

In an earlier post of the same nature, Jachael123 created renditions of the Dances Moves (Default Dance), Floss, and Take The L emotes.

So I made the Fortnite emote songs with the giant in-game piano… from r/FortNiteBR

The pianos were originally put into the Battle Royale as part of a Season 6 challenge for Fortnite.

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