With Fortnite’s massive player base and thriving community, new strategies are rare in the game.

Some fringe strategies are popular at the highest levels, but those aren’t even doable for many Fortnite players.

This new strategy however is perfect for a skilled casual player who wants to improve their game and rise through the Arena ranks.

You may have seen pros talking about this strategy in a sorta cryptic way on social media, and that is because the fewer people that know about this strategy, the better it works.

Luckily some players haven’t been as hush-hush, and we can now explain what this new wall replace strategy is.

Unfortunately it is a bit complicated, and actually difficult to see in a video. The new strategy hinges on where in your swing the pickaxe is. Here is a demonstration of the strategy from Bweis:

Even with that video it is easy to miss what is happening, and why this is different from previous wall-replace strategies.

If you watch it a couple of times, you will notice that Bweis always edits at the exact same time. By opening blueprint on the second downswing of a pickaxe, you can skip an animation and easily take walls, often when your opponent doesn’t even realize it happened.

Reddit user Madinekidd explains it like this: “He hits F to take out his wall so fast his blueprints don’t show on the second swing just before the animation ends, then places his wall. Then edits his way in.”

Give this strategy a try in your own games, with a bit of practice, the timing is reasonably easy to get down.

Also be on the lookout for more wall replacements in the World Cup qualifiers this weekend.

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