The event at the end of Season 8 is beginning to take shape and now we know most of what will happen.

Over the past few days we have slowly been piecing together the upcoming Nexus event in Fortnite and now we have the final clue.

Thanks to leaks from FortTory, we can see that Fortnite’s volcano is going to explode. That seems like it will happen when all six runes activate at Loot Lake.

With five of the six runes currently activated, it seems like we are due for the event to come in the next few days.

Once the runes are activated and the volcano explodes, players will be transported to the in-between zone that played a part in previous storylines.

Once there, players will be able to vote on one of six items to be brought back to the game.

Those items are bouncers, drum guns, planes, tactical SMGs, grappler and the Infinity Blade.

Happy Power breaks down most of this event with some of the key visuals in a new video:

This has been confirmed through multiple leaks from a variety of sources and can be seen in-game where the drum gun and bouncers have both appeared on two of the six screens in Loot Lake.

It seems that the place where the runes are headed is literally the vault, which was also hinted at with the gold-filled cave title screen from earlier this season.

All that is left now is to wait and see. It will be important to be in the game during the event as that will allow you to vote. Whatever you do, please don’t choose the Infinity Blade.

The rest are all fair game but the planes coming back would provoke an interesting reaction from the player base.

What will you be voting for when the event gets underway? Let us know in the comments below:

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  1. Tac smg for sure would be my pick. And not because of popular opinion, but because I think it would be the best option. Stuff like planes, infinity blade, and drum gun are hated (but I still do like them all though). Bouncers and grapplers are completely fine, but I find them kind of useless for me. The grappler can only be at its best when known how to use, but it’s kinda hard to master and put to work in almost any situation, and it runs out of ammo kind of fast. And for bouncers, well… they were fine too, but we have plenty of stuff that can replace their use. And for the tac smg, it come in 3 rarities, which are all good, they do good damage, and they are not TOO op. So I think that would be the best option.

    • What’s the plenty of stuff that can replace bouncers..? The only thing that is “similar” are impulses, and they take an inventory slot.

      • I mean: to get down of high structures, redeploys or impulses.
        To run from the storm: literally the same thing that I just said.
        Redeploys avoid fall damage, and impulses just move you somewhere else like bouncers. I made a mistake with the “plenty” tho, sorry.

    • I’m voting the Tactical SMG too. Hands down my second favorite gun in the game, first being the revolver- however I’m still really sad that the revolver was nerfed.

    • I would vote for the tactical SMG too because I just love it so much, brings back great memories when I play with it in unvaulted LTM . But I disagree with your statement about bouncers, those are hardly replacable, they were such a utilitary item that got removed for no reason with no replacement (unlike tac smg, for which there are tons of other automatic weapons). Bouncers helped us for endgame rotations, to regain highground, to not take fall damage, to use for the launch pad trick and much more things. I think it was one of the best placeable traps in the game and definitely should come back

    • In my opinion the tac smg was way to overpowered. Its dps was off the cart. Saying that, if it was brought back it would be nerfed loads. I would prefer the bounce pads to come back

    Definitely voting for Bouncers. I think that they are what the current competitive scene/meta needs to try and reduce the use of ballers and vary the gameplay. I don’t think that the current weapons in the game are broken, and adding in new weapons would be pointless. Bouncers can allow you to TRICKSHOT, get down from large/tal structures WITHOUT wasting materials, are good for mobility, and are helpful for normal gameplay as well. PLEASE, be smart and vote for bouncers to be added back in.

    The TAC SMG and Drum Gun will be nerfed and won’t be anything like they used to be, so there really is no point of wanting them to be added in.

    • They are extremely good because you don’t have to waste an inventory slot to hold them, but are almost the same thing as redeploy.

  3. I’m voting drum gun, or tac smg. Bouncers and grapplers are pointless and the only people who want them are the tryhards who can’t think of anything but “get into shotgun range” during a fight. Also I think people who say the drum gun is op are also the ones who attempt to win fights by spamming as many builds as possible.

  4. There are already enough ARs and enough SMGs in game. The Infinity Blade they already removed, it wont fit. The bouncers i don’t see a use for them, maybe ppl use them but not that often.
    The only 2 things i see that can give advantage can be movement items. The Grappler and The Planes.
    I for one will vote for one of those.

  5. I honestly want the infinity sword back just because of the amount of whining people did when it came out.
    Other than that, I am leaning more towards the drum gun. The grapplers would be great if you didn’t take fall damage.

  6. Tac SMG or the drum gun. I want these back because theyre extremely good. Its really satisfying to shred people with these weapons

  7. I would love to get the planes back because I never had ANY problems with them at all and I liked them quite a lot


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