The eighth week of Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9 has arrived with tons of new challenges to complete, including a location-based mission where players will have to visit three different clocks.

Every week there is a new set of challenges that unlock that reward players with in-game experience and progress towards their season battle pass.

On June 27, week 8 challenges for season 9 went live. Each new batch of challenges includes a free set of challenges for those who haven’t purchased the battle pass and another for those who paid 950 V-Bucks.

One of the challenges included in week 8 task players to visit three different clocks in Fortnite, and we were able to create a map for you so you can locate them quickly!

Clocks in Fortnite

There are three different clocks located around the Fortnite map, but they aren’t visible on the mini map so players will have to do some searching.

Players do not need to visit every clock in a single match, so they can take their time finding each one.

All clocks are located on the left side of the map.

The first clock can be located in Junk Junction next to the yellow construction excavator. The clock will be sitting on the ground next to the crumbled watch tower.

Neo Tilted holds the second clock, which is located at the Clock Tower on the southern end of the city. It’s easiest to land directly on the tower as soon as you jump from the Battle Bus.

Last but not least is the clock that can be found in Happy Hamlet. Similar to Neo Tilted, this clock can be found at the clock tower in the center of the town.

Don’t forget about the 14 Days of Summer challenges that are also available to complete!

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