Every Fortnite patch brings in a some leaked content, but v9.40 brought in a tidal wave of cosmetics that will be released in the future. Data-miners have manged to get some exclusive video & images of these unreleased products.

The v9.40 patch brought plenty of live content, but the best details have been hidden deep in the file structure. Fortunately, the data-mining community got to work immediately with dozens of new unreleased products to show off.

In our routine round up of unreleased cosmetics, we quickly ran through some of these, but leakers have since then gotten video of many of the cosmetics. We’ll go through and take a look at what the community’s been able to dig up. Beware, there’s a lot!

Fortnite World Cup Skins & Back Bling

Epic Games will releasing exclusive skins and gear for the Fortnite World Cup. With new spectate options coming to all platforms for the event, these cosmetics could be linked to watching the event from in-game rather than playing yourself.

As of July 17, it looks like there will be a male (Fishstick) and female FWC skin as well as a Back Bling cape with the World Cup logo.

With help from @s1l0x, ShiinaBR managed to get some in-game footage of the Female World Cup skin.

The leaker also got an up close picture of the Ramirez FWC variant.

FWC Female Outfit

Additionally, the Banner image for the in-game Fortnite World Cup shows off the Fishstick FWC skin. This image was also received from ShiinaBR.

Fortnite World Cup Loading Screen – via ShiinaBR

Courtesy of Lucas7yoshi, we also have a first image of the FWC back bling. We don’t yet know how you’ll be able to earn these items, but we’re sure that info will come out a few days before the event.

Six Leaked Fortnite Outfits – Item Shop

With v9.40 leaks also came a fresh batch of six never before seen skins. These aren’t tied to any particular event, so we presume they’ll appear in the Item Shop within the next few weeks or months. Remember some skins float around in the game files for a long time before release, so you might have to wait for some of these.

As with the FWC skins, ShiinaBR obtained some in-game footage of the new skins.

Astro Assassin Outfit w/ two Styles

Copper Wasp Outfit w/ Striped Stalker Back Bling & Power Punch Pickaxe

Bachii Outfit w/ Mochi Back Bling

Mika Outfit

Tsuki Outfit w/ Tahna Back Bling

Anarchy Agent w/ Chaos Glider

Banner Brigade Fortnite Skins

Banners in Fortnite have traditionally been an afterthought to most players and these cosmetics are generally written off as ‘trash’ to fill in the Battle Passes. No more!

Epic has realized that Banners need some way of being better represented, so they’re creating the Banner Brigade series of skins. Each of these skins will take the colors and image of your current Banner when entering BR matches. Finally! We’ve been waiting for something like this forever.

ShiinaBR provided some initial pictures of the skins. They come in both male and female variants. The method by which we can unlock these is unknown at this time.

Male Banner Brigade Skins

Female Banner Brigade Skins

Doggus vs. Cattus Event – Mecha Skin

The Doggus vs. Cattus event will take place on July 20. The hype around the event has been building (quite literally) for a long time now and we’re excited beyond reason. Seriously, we’re shaking. Or is that the Cattus monster’s footsteps causing earthquakes?

Anyway, along with the event, we’ll getting a ‘Mecha’ skin which resembles the now completed Doggus robot. It’s an amazing blend of different Fortnite themes topped off with the Cuddle Team Leader’s head.

@s1l0x managed to get a little bit of footage of the Mecha skin using their data-mining wizardry.

The skin could be a reward for attending the event or a tie-in Item Shop purchase after the battle’s done and dusted. We’ll all get to see it in-game in a few short days.

Revel, Reckless, & Business Hips Emotes

Alright, we’ve finally gotten to the end of this massive list of new cosmetic leaks. Last, but not least, data miners took some clips of the three leaked Emotes coming to the Item Shop. Of course, we don’t know the release dates for these, but you can expect them in the following weeks.

To us, none of these seem to be directly linked to any event, so they will probably be classified as normal Item Shop releases.

Again, ShiinaBR provides the video via Twitter:

Revel Emote

Reckless Emote

Business Hips Emote

So, what are your thoughts on the leaked cosmetics shown above? You better add a few locks to your wallet and throw away the key if you are expecting to make it through that onslaught without spending a dime. Epic Games most certainly has returned and their passion for creating cosmetics hasn’t been toned down. If anything, it seems like Epic’s only getting started.

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