Fortnite Patch v7.01 will bring a nice quality of life change to vehicles in its Battle Royale mode. A new HUD element will be added to display your current vehicle’s health.

This simple, yet appreciated change was announced by Epic Games’ Eric Williamson who is the Design Lead on Fortnite Battle Royale.

Players on /r/FortniteBR created a concept to show how this may look, Eric responded confirming that this feature was meant for v7.00 but missed the deadline and will release alongside v7.01.

via /r/FortniteBR

An official release date and time for Patch v7.01 has yet to be announced. It is expected to drop on Tuesday, December 11th but this is purely speculation at this time. Epic Games typically announces patches within 24 hours of their release.

Not much more is known about what Patch v7.01 will contain, given that the version number will be incremented by .01 it is expected to simply be a minor patch with bug fixes. However, new assets for upcoming content are expected.

Stay tuned to FortniteINTEL for updates on Fortnite Patch v7.01 as well as any other features and fixes it may include!