Due to issues with Fortnite vehicles in v9.01, Epic Games has announced that all vehicles will be disabled for Week 6 of the Fortnite World Cup.

Vehicles have been and continue to be a hot topic for the competitive Fortnite community. The mobility options were disabled last weekend (Week 5) due to bugs and the same will be true for Week 6.

All vehicles including Ballers will be unavailable for use during Week 6 of the World Cup.

Vehicles disabled for Week 6 – Arena & World Cup

Epic Games released a short statement about the Week 6 Fortnite World Cup via Twitter on May 16th.

Players can encounter a frustrating bug in Fortnite where they cannot leave a vehicle. While the bug isn’t a widespread problem, a single instance would destroy the integrity of the World Cup.

Epic has been working to improve player-to-company relations and these moves are clearly a part of that initiative. Disabling bugged features helps ensure a smooth gameplay experience for all players.

As the Fortnite World Cup carries on, Epic has made improvements to their communication pipeline and other aspects of Fortnite esports. While many problems still remain and permanent solutions are needed, these ‘disables’ are a step in the right direction.

Last weekend’s event went much more smoothly due to the vehicles being disabled. Many players even reported better performance despite bigger builds. The weekend was still chalked up by many as a failure due to the sudden changes in the meta affecting the overall integrity of the event.

Are you excited to see what a second weekend of no-vehicle competitive Fortnite looks like? Give us your opinions on the announcement in the comments below or on Twitter at @FortniteINTEL.