Patch v5.30 introduced the newest Item in Fortnite Battle Royale, the Rift-To-Go! To some it may seem to be nothing more than an escape route. To others, it is seen as the difference between life and death by falling. Just be sure to pickup the loot you may have dropped to use this fun-in-a-jar of an item.

Maintain Inventory

Redditor /u/YoursDivit has shared this useful tip to /r/FortniteBR. Need to use a Rift-To-Go but don’t want to drop Heals or a weapon? Worry not, the Rift portal lasts long enough that you can enter it twice, picking up your dropped Loot on your way.

For the higher skilled, you can actually swap the Rift-To-Go out for another Item toward the end of its activation animation without cancelling it. Watch as Ninja does it in his latest video.

Avoid Fall Damage

A little-known fact of the Rift-To-Go is that you can activate it while in the air or falling according to Redditor /u/r34l_shiro. Be quick enough and this could save you from dying due to fall damage.


Do you have any lesser-known tips or tricks? Feel free to share!