Patch v3.2.0 has added some new weapons to the game files, listed on Storm Shield One’s PVP Database (for Battle Royale) are the following additions:

Note: As usual, none of this information is official or confirmed.

Tactical Assault Rifle – Legendary

“Assault Weapon: Fully Automatic. Flexible assault rifle capable of handling all types of combat scenarios. High rate of fire with solid accuracy when aiming down sights and firing in controlled bursts.”

Explosive Crossbow – Epic

“Shoots an arrow with an explosive tip. Your enemies’ worst nightmare!”

FN P90 – Rare*

“Pistol: Machine Pistol. Fires at a very high rate, dealing great damage while consuming a lot of ammo. Good for run-and-gun combat, and accurate enough to fight at mid range when fired in short bursts.”

*This weapon is listed 3 times with different damage values, expected to have more variants.

Heavy Shotgun – Legendary, Epic

“Heavy Shotgun: Pump shotgun with a large magazine. Fires slugs for medium-range effectiveness”


No-Scope Hunting Rifle – Common

“Sniper Rifle: Bolt-Action. Powerful and accurate rifle with a bolt-action mechanism that results in a reliable but slow rate of fire. Shots can pierce through multiple enemies.”

More detailed statistics about each weapon can be found over at Storm Shield One.