Update: Chinese New Year skins (Royale Dragon, Crimson Scout & Scarlet Defender) added as of 00:00 GMT on February 25th.

Season 3 has just kicked off with many new items being brought into the game but that’s not all! Two Twitch Prime outfits and one glider were added into the files in Patch 3.0.0 and were previously confirmed on the Amazon homepage:

The appearance of this advertisement was confirmed to be a mistake by an Epic Games employee on Reddit who stated the following:

Based on this, we should expect the release of these skins very soon; perhaps in the next couple of days.

These aren’t the only items coming soon though! Also found in the files with Patch 3.0.0 were two new Chinese New Year skins and a dragon glider, the latter of which was shown as concept art in Epic’s ‘State of Development v4’ a few weeks ago:

It also features in the new Season 3 loading screen:

The outfits being introduced are the same as those added to the ‘Soldier’ class in Save the World Patch 3.0.0, minus their head items. Here are the icons for all three Chinese New Year skins:

No release date has been given yet, but we’d expect them to drop soon (probably as Featured Items) with Chinese New Year just having passed.

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