Update: Names and Rarities have now been added thanks to Storm Shield One.

Found in the files for Patch v3.4.0, we can expect more skins to be released soon for Fortnite Battle Royale, including some Easter themed items:

Midnight Ops (Rare) and Raven (Legendary)

Rabbit Raider (Epic) and Bunny Brawler (Epic)

Dark Vanguard (Legendary) and Whiplash (Uncommon)

Dark Void (Legendary) and Iron Cage (Legendary)

Hard Boiled (Epic) and Eggshell (Epic)


Royale Flags (Legendary)

Orbital Shuttle (Epic) and Deep Space Lander (Epic)

Feathered Flyer (Rare)

Spectre (Rare) and Carrot Stick (Rare)


Emotes (Rarities coloured)

SOURCE: Storm Shield One