Fortnite’s map has gotten massive overhauls from its very beginning. Epic is never happy with being ‘done’ and always seeks to keep things interesting. A new set of leaks has revealed additional map changes are inbound.

Epic Games isn’t a studio to just let things sit. The map in Fortnite has received at least half a dozen major overhauls and dozens of changes.

A new leak from v9.20 files has revealed possible upcoming changes and events. These involve the monster that has been trapped inside the iceberg since Season 7.

Upcoming Fortnite map changes

The monster inside of the iceberg in Fortnite has plans of escaping and it will leave some destruction in its wake.

These leaks suggest that the giant snow biome brought with Season 7 might be going away soon.

Some leakers and Fortnite talking-heads have speculated that the monster inside the mountain could be leading to a Godzilla crossover. We’ve yet to see any verifiable leaks on this front. The monster is codenamed ‘Cattus’ in the game files.

According to @FortTory (a credible Fortnite leaker), this partially loaded model refers to the Iceberg’s destruction. The asset name can be seen in the top of the image.

Additionally, Polar Peak will be going the way of Tilted Towers according to this new file leaks. The assets suggest the tower of Polar Peak will be blow apart by the escape of the Cattus.

If you are not convinced that the monster will be causing these events, FortTory has found even more evidence in the files. The Cattus will stomp its way through Greasy Grove.

The asset confirms that the footprint will be placed at ‘FrozenGreasy’ which might mean that Greasy Grove will not be returning in the near future.

As a last leak from the file dump, FortTory showed a small file name snippet that could mean a ‘new player experience’ will come to the game. A tutorial map named ‘Athena_Tutorial_Map_1.umap’ might serve as a teaching ground for new players in the future.

Remember, these are leaks and not confirmed by Epic Games in any way. Any of the above information may or may not make it to the final product.

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