One of the most mysterious skins in the Fortnite Battle Royale game files has finally been given some data to stop us being speculative.

A Fortnite skin appeared in the v5.40 patch recently that prompted many questions as it only was found in the form of a 2D image – with no name, no model, no data at all. The skin was rumoured to be an exclusive for a platform, but it seems that there has finally been data added to the skin.

The files, found by @Fortnitee_Leaks on twitter, belong to the cosmetic – which bears Bat ears.

The skin has been sighted in the game files under Athena (the code name for the Battle Royale game mode) and has a brand new name of “K-Pop”. The file was also found under the “/FeaturedItems/” folder, meaning that it will be available in the Item Shop – so much for the exclusivity theory.

Either way, the update v5.50 patch will be available on either Tuesday or Wednesday, usually – so we should expect this skin to appear in the Item Shop sooner or later. Just recently, we saw the last of the Patch v5.40 cosmetics appearing in the shop, so it’s not that long before players will be able to get their hands on this skin.

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