A new skin named ‘Gemini’ was leaked via the Fortnite v8.40 game files and now we’ve got another leak confirming additional challenges for the skin.

Epic Games has declared that it’s challenge season in Fortnite apparently. Nearly everything that has been leaked from the v8.40 files has had challenges leaked with it.

The Ruin Discovery Skin has challenges to unlock additional items after unlocking the skin and the new Air Royale LTM also has a set of challenges.

You are going to be busy while playing Fortnite in the coming weeks. You gotta love the content.

Gemini Skin Leak – Space Bunny Inbound

The Gemini skin was leaked with the v8.40 files. It’s an Easter themed skin with an aerospace twist. It might be hinting at coming events or might just be a fun spin of two themes into one.

Here’s an image of the leaked skin from @ShiinaBR on Twitter:

The skin is part of the “Space Hop” set and features an exclusive Back Bling and Style options.

Remember, this is a leak and all information shown here may change before launch. We suspect that Gemini will arrive very soon as Easter is on April 21st.

More Challenges? Epic’s on a roll!

Epic Games is releasing a lot of additional content via Challenges in v8.40 and beyond.

It’s a cool and seamless way to reward players with additional Styles and other cosmetics without simply giving it to the players. While gifts are great, rewards are even better. You get a little feeling of accomplishment upon receiving them.

The Gemini skin is no exception and will receive a few Challenges along with its purchase.

v8.40 Gemini Challenges from r/FortniteLeaks

The challenges are pretty straight-forward, but the length of completion suggests that there will be no time limit forced upon players. Similar to the Style Challenges for Seasonal Skins, you can complete these at your own pace.

For anyone who plays Fortnite regularly, this challenges shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. The better you perform, the faster you will complete the two latter challenges.

The 25 matches played can be completed legitimately or by entering Team Rumble matches and leaving…25 times.

Will you be buying the Gemini skin when it releases? Tell us your thoughts on the upcoming skin in the comments below.

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