The files for v4.3.0 have been datamined to reveal new cosmetics which we should expect to see over the coming weeks.

Update: Names and rarities added via

Flytrap (Legendary) and Ventura (Epic)

Scoundrel (Epic) and Rapscallion (Epic)

Jumpshot (Rare) and Triple Threat (Rare)

Tendril (Rare) and Slam Dunk (Rare)

Nite Owl (Rare) and Starry Night (Rare)

Hang Time (Epic) and Venus Flyer (Epic)

Burgle Bag (Epic) and Strongbox (Epic)

Twitter user @TwoEpicBuddies has revealed the upcoming emotes found in the files. The names should be ‘Baller’, ‘Boogie Down’, ‘Laugh it Up’ and ‘Rambunctious’. All of them are Rare other than Boogie Down which is Epic.