Datamining of Patch v5.20 reveals a number of upcoming cosmetics that we can expect to see in Fortnite Battle Royale.


Galaxy – Victory is written in the stars. (Epic)

Beef Boss – Victory well done. (Epic)

Mullet Marauder – Totally. Totally radical. (Epic)

P.A.N.D.A Team Leader – Victory now. Nap later. (Legendary)

Whiteout – Break away from the pack. (Epic)

Aerobic Assassin – Flex your victory muscles. (Epic) Overtaker – Take over the competition. (Epic)

Sushi Master – Roll out! (Epic)

Harvesting Tools

Axercise – Feel the burn! (Uncommon)

Filet Axe – A cut above the rest. (Rare)

Jingu Bang – Fit for a king. (Epic)

Patty Whacker – If you can’t stand the heat… (Uncommon)

Back Bling

Back Plate – Put your back into it. (Epic)

Boombox – Blast it. (Epic)

Lane Splitter – Cut through the crowd. (Epic)

Deep Fried – Perfectly greasy. (Epic)

Bamboo – Fresh and crunchy. (Legendary)

Ignition – Start it up. (Epic)

Chef’s Choice – Perfectly sliced. (Rare)


Flying Saucer – Make mine a Royale. (Epic)

Windbreaker – Break the wind. (Uncommon)

Cyclone – A whirlwind of fury. (Epic)

White Squall – Create a whirlwind. (Epic)

Flying Fish – Keep it fresh. (Uncommon)


Work It Out – Break a sweat. (Rare)

Go! Go! Go! – You can do it! (Uncommon)

Llama Bell – Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! (Epic)

Hot Stuff – Tss! (Uncommon)

Pumpernickel – Get pumped. (Rare)


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