Here are all the upcoming cosmetics found in Patch v6.02 that are soon to be added to the Fortnite Item Shop.


These skins will be added through the Item Shop to the game as Halloween slowly approaches. The skins, with names provided by r/FortniteLeaks and @MystxcLeaks – who actually leaked all of these skins a few days ago – are mostly Halloween themed.

Skull Trooper (Epic)

Hollowhead (Epic)

All tricks. No treats.


Plague (Epic)

Seeking the cure.

Bullseye (Uncommon)

I never miss.

Skull Ranger (Rare)

She’s got a bone to pick.

Scourge (Epic)

Seeking the cure.

Jack Gourdon (Epic)

Squash the competition.



  • Skull Sickle
  • Heralds Wand
  • Carver


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