Datamining of Patch v5.30 reveals a number of upcoming cosmetics that we can expect to see in Fortnite Battle Royale.



Enforcer (Legendary) – Balance and order must be restored.


Armadillo (Uncommon) – Thick skinned and battle hardened.


Scorpion (Uncommon) – Beware the stinger.


Cloaked Star (Epic) – Cloaked in mystery.


Backbone (Rare) – King of the highway.


Hime (Legendary) – Catlike grace under pressure.


Chopper (Rare) – No one crosses Chopper and rides away.


Musha (Legendary) – A fearless and noble warrior.


Ravage (Legendary) – Circling overhead, shrouded by night…


Far Out Man (Epic) – Out of sight.


The Ace (Legendary) – Stack the deck.


Dreamflower (Epic) – Can you dig it?


Harvesting Tools

Cat’s Claw (Rare) – Scratch and slash.


Drumbeat (Uncommon) – Feel the beat.


Throttle (Rare) – Rev it up!


Iron Beak (Rare) – Peck away.


Controller (Legendary) – Take control.


Back Bling

Subjugator (Legendary) – Quell the competition.


Shiro (Legendary) – Nyan!


Sashimono (Legendary) – Storied sigil.


Swag Bag (Legendary) – Take the money and run.


Buckled (Uncommon) – Buckle up!


Vintage (Uncommon) – Lovingly broken in.


Slashed (Uncommon) – For narrow escapes.


Road Ready (Epic) – Two-wheel toolkit.


Dark Wings (Legendary) – Swoop in and take the spoils.


Hip Shakers (Epic) – Verifiably hip.


Road Ready (Rare) – Jam on.


Road Flair (Rare) – Built for the road.


Ghost Portal (Legendary) – I just got a chill.



Blaze (Uncommon) – Glide down in a blaze of glory.


Flappy (Rare) – Flappy happy.


Purrfect (Legendary) – It’s the cat’s meow.


Tie-Dye Flyer (Rare) – So many colors.



Capoeiro (Rare) – Are you ready to dance with danger?


Job Well Done (Uncommon) – That’s that.


Fancy Feet (Rare) – Show off that footwork.


Shake It Up (Legendary) – Feel the rhythm.


Praise The Tomato (Rare) – Splatter unto thee.


Dance Therapy (Legendary) – Let it all out.



Artifact (Rare)


Dark Feathers (Rare)