Datamining of the v5.1.0 patch that will be released tomorrow (already downloadable on the new Chinese version of the game) reveals a number of upcoming cosmetics we should see in Battle Royale over the coming weeks.

Update: Names and rarities added via

Clutch Axe (Rare) and Harpoon Axe (Rare)


Sun Tan Specialist (Epic) and Maverick (Epic)

Shade (Epic) and Reef Ranger (Epic)

Wreck Raider (Epic) and Archetype (Epic)

Servo (Epic) and Laser Chomp (Legendary)

Birthday Cake (Epic) and Ballistic (Epic)

Paradigm (Epic) and Bat Attitude (Epic)

Diving Tank (Epic) and Air Tank (Epic)

Rescue Ring (Epic) and Rescue Paddle (Rare)

Caliper (Uncommon)

Finger Wag (Uncommon) and Hand Signals (Uncommon)

Living Large (Rare) and Intensity (Epic)

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