Fortnite’s Fortnitemares 2018 patch has just dropped and users are digging into the files in search of upcoming content. As is traditions, the upcoming Cosmetics have been leaked.


Summit Striker (Epic) – Always first to the top.

Rosa (Epic) – Celebrate the unknown.

Guan Yu (Epic) – Loyalty and bravery at all times.

Dante (Epic) – Back for more.

Frostbite (Legendary)

Back Bling

Top Notch (Epic) – Best in class.

Spirit Cape (Epic) – Find your spirit.

Loyal Shield (Epic)

Galactic Disc (Epic) – Light-years ahead of the rest.

Calavera (Epic) – Bare bones fashion.

Freezing Point (Legendary) – Ice cold.


Divine Dragon (Epic) – Sail through the clouds and row toward victory.

Discovery (Epic) – Explore the galaxy.

Spirit (Epic) – It’s a hoot.


Guandao (Rare) – Sharpened for battle.

Chill-Axe (Rare) – Keep it chill.

Stellar Axe (Epic) – The stars are aligned.

Longhorn (Rare) – Corral the competition.

Six String Striker (Epic) – Now taking requests.


Busy (Rare) – I’ll be with you in just a moment.

Criss Cross (Rare)

Headbanger (Rare) – Bang your head against the air.

Jugglin’ (Rare) – Pure concentration.

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