Expect new cosmetics to release soon with the addition of many new outfits, pickaxes, back blings and more in the v3.2.0 game files. Here’s what’s coming:

Update: The names/rarities for each item have been added thanks to Storm Shield One.

Power Chord (Legendary) and Sgt. Green Clover (Uncommon)


Highland Warrior (Epic) and Battle Hound (Legendary)

Warpaint (Legendary) and Rose Team Leader (Legendary)

Rusty Rider (Epic) and Checker (Rare)

Stage Dive (Rare) and Storm Sigil (Uncommon)

Skirmish (Legendary) and Six String (Legendary)

Buckler (Epic) and Pursuit (Legendary)

Anarchy Axe (Rare) and Silver Fang (Rare)

Pot o’ Gold (Rare) and Spectral Axe (Rare)

Jubilation (Uncommon), Confused (Rare), Brush Your Shoulders (Uncommon), Breaking Point (Uncommon) and Step it Up (Rare)


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