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Upcoming consumables: Air Strikes, Chest Traps and much more



More datamining has revealed there’s plenty of content to be released into Fortnite Battle Royale as the weeks pass, with many consumables added to the game files in recent patches.

As usual, none of this information is official or confirmed, these items are simply found in the same directory as those that have already been released. It seems unlikely that all of these will be added to the game, but nonetheless it gives a good idea of what we should expect to come.

A lot of these are already present in Save the World so may have been placed to deceive data miners or they’re recycling assets to save time.

All images and information provided by Storm Shield One’s BR Database

Air Strike Laser

“Mark a location to deliver an Air Strike with 4 Bomb payload.” This one is pretty self explanatory, you can direct an air strike to specified location.

Rarity: Legendary

Durr Burger Helmet

“A corporate mascot helmet that protects from a single instance of critical damage. Durr!” Being one shot by a Bolt Action Sniper or Pump Shotgun might become a thing of the past with the addition of helmets.

Rarity: Rare


“Increases inventory size.” Amount of increased space is unknown.

Rarity: Rare

Beehive Grenade

“Bees!” This is likely a grenade which applies damage-over-time effect to anyone within it’s explosion radius.

Rarity: Rare

Big Poppy

“A self-inflating balloon that demands personal space.” Perhaps a way to push nearby enemies away from you? Who knows.

Rarity: Epic

Bottle Rocket

“Hurls a grenade. bang bang!” Looks like a new way to throw grenades with more specific trajectories, perhaps at a further distance.

Rarity: Unspecified


“Toss an explosive charge that can be detonated with your alternate fire or by shooting the charge.”

Rarity: Uncommon

Concussion Mine

“Deals damage and slows nearby enemies when triggered.” Very handy for those who have a more passive playstyle.

Rarity: Uncommon

Energy Crystals

“Not to be confused with healing crystals.”

Rarity: Epic

Gas Grenade

“Hurls a Stink Bomb. Better clear out!” The much-anticipated alternative to smoke grenades, this one should be good!

Rarity: Rare

Golden Ticket

“Take a second ride on the Battle Bus and redeploy!”

Rarity: Legendary


“Has healing properties. Get some health back.”

Rarity: Legendary


“Hurls one M80 explosive for a small bang. Consumes on use.” Unless they’re dropped in large quantities or have a special property, these seem pretty redundant.

Rarity: Unspecified

Popup Grenade and Popup Grenade 2×2

“Cover in a bottle!” Emergency cover to be used while fighting your opponents.

Rarity: Unspecified


“Shoots a celebratory bottle rocket into the sky. Consumes on use.”

Rarity: Epic

Mimic Bomb

“Place a decoy chest, which is triggered whenever an enemy player comes within range” More traps, exciting stuff!

Rarity: Uncommon


“Launches a tiny rocket that makes a big BOOM!” Hopefully it’s a slow rocket.

Rarity: Legendary

Slow Grenade

“Create a zone of slow motion for all nearby players”

Rarity: Rare

Supply Drop Signal

“Throw the signal to mark a location for a Supply Drop!” Care packages, anyone?

Rarity: Legendary


“Teleporter grenade!” Teleported where?!

Rarity: Unspecified

Tesla Totem

“Zapper totem that slows and damages enemies.”

Rarity: Rare

Vacuum Grenade

“Hurls a grenade that knocks back all nearby players once it explodes.” This one’s a duplicate of the current impulse grenade, it still seems like a possible addition though.

Rarity: Rare


A complete list of current and upcoming consumables can be found on Storm Shield One.


How to enter vaults without a keycard in Fortnite Season 3

The Fortnite vault glitch has returned for Season 3; this time, with a different method.



Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 was the first season to introduce vaults. It was also the first season in which players found an exploit to get into the vaults without a keycard. This method was popularized by YouTuber OrangeGuy, who showed fans how use a boat and a few building materials to enter a vault without killing the boss.

This exploit existed for most of Season 2, but was patched when season 3 came out. Well, as you may expect, it didn’t take long for players to figure out another way to get into the vault without a card. Instead of a boat, this exploit requires a helicopter.

For preparation, you’ll need a Helicopter, Upgrade Bench, and a teammate. Here are the steps you’ll need to complete in order to get into the vault without a card:

Step 1: Destroy the tile covering the vault you want to enter
Step 2: Land the helicopter on the broken floor
Step 3: Switch seats and begin to build
Step 4: Have a teammate throw the Upgrade Bench underneath the helicopter

If you complete these steps correctly, you should be pushed under the map and into the vault. Here’s a tutorial from Glitch King that will show you the step-by-step walkthrough.

Getting out of the vault is now your problem. This glitch is meant to surprise and eliminate an enemy, but you could always send your teammate to kill the boss and let you out if no one comes by. This isn’t the most broken method in the world, as you’ll be trapped if you don’t open the vault the normal way. Still, it can make for a funny clip or two.

This method takes a bit more setup than last season’s, but we may still see a streamer or two surprised by someone hiding in a closed vault. Only time will tell.

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Bugha becomes the first esports pro to sign with Gary V’s VaynerGaming

Fortnite World Cup solo champion, Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf, has signed with Gary Vaynerchuk’s agency, VaynerSports.



Fortnite pro, Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf, became a household name overnight when he took home the first Fortnite World Cup Solos competition in 2019. The relatively unknown pro catapulted to the top of the Twitch charts when he returned home for the event, $3 million richer.

Now, Bugha can add another first to his resume – the first gamer signed to Gary Vaynerchuk’s new esports agency, VaynerGaming. The announcement came on July 14, the same day that the entrepreneur announced his company’s entrance into the gaming space.

IMG: Fortnite Twitter

In a press release that announced the new venture, Vaynerchuk stated, “I have been quietly paying attention to the gaming industry for over a decade, building relationships and following the trends. One of the most exciting things about it, for me, is the gamers themselves. And when I look at the culture, the interest in the sector from other athletes, artists, celebrities — it is enormous. This is a very significant expansion for VaynerSports.”

Bugha will be the first of many gamers to be represented by VaynerGaming as it expands into this new territory. We can expect some other high-profile signings from Fortnite and other top video games. It’s exciting to see gaming break through to the mainstream in this way, and could mean big things for the future of the Fortnite community.

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Patch Notes

Epic disable the elusive Golden Mushroom in Fortnite

The Golden Mushroom has reportedly been disabled in all Fortnite modes.



Almost all Fortnite players know about the Mythic Goldfish in Fortnite Chapter 2 – the rarest item that Epic have ever added to the game. It’s so rare that fans wondered if it even existed for a while. Since its release, there’s still only been a handful of recorded sightings of the Mythic Goldfish.

In Season 3, Epic added another rare item to the game: The Golden Mushroom. According to data miners, this mushroom has the same chance to spawn as the Mythic Goldfish, making it one of the rarest items in all of Fortnite. To this day, we’ve only seen one clip of the Golden Mushroom outside of Creative Mode.

When the mushroom first came out, SypherPK put a county on its head. He offered his fans cash if they could find the mushroom in-game, and a bonus if they found it in a joinable Battle Lab match. Here’s the only known clip of the Golden Mushroom in Fortnite.

When Sypher picked it up and put it in his inventory, the Golden Mushroom turned into a regular old mushroom that only healed for five shield. This bug is likely why the item was disabled on July 13, according to data miner reports.

One of the rarest items in Fortnite should offer a reward for finding it. It seemed like this one had an issue that led to it becoming a disappointment. On July 13, Hypex tweeted that Epic pushed a hotfix to disable the Golden Mushroom.

At the time of writing, there’s still no mention of the Golden Mushroom on the Fortnite Community Issues Trello Board. The hunt appears to be stalled – at least, for the time being. We’ll let you know when the Mushroom comes back to Fortnite but, for now, you can stop searching for it.

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