Based on datamining, the Jetpack was the first of many new additions to the game through the new ‘Backpack’ item type. The following items are present in the same area as the Jetpack, labelled as ‘BoostJumpPack’:

Some of these don’t contain much information about what to expect, however, the ‘IntelPack’ and ‘MedicPack’ folders contain models and descriptions for upcoming backpacks as outlined below.

Note: The functions and models for these items are subject to change before release.

Intel Pack

The Intel Pack appears to be a stronger version of the Eye of the Storm Tracker which was recently released accidentally. According to @FNBRLeaks, it allows you to “Find the Eye of the Storm, and then reveal nearby loot and enemies”.

Medic Pack

The Medic Pack, as implied by the title, is used for healing your allies. The following description was provided by @FNBRLeaks: “Carry your allies to victory with this advanced life saving equipment!”.

As usual, this is information gained through datamining and shouldn’t be taken as official fact. These items may or may not be released into the game in a future update.

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