As Season 9 draws to a close, we’ve got less than 10 Fortbytes to go until all 100 are available for unlock. Fortbyte 28 task players with completing a pattern matching puzzle outside of a desert junkyard.

The things that make Fortnite challenges fun are variety and rewards. Fortbyte offer a lot of both with everything ranging from location based pickups to the new pattern puzzle. Players can also earn the Singularity skin and its hidden styles by unlocking 90 Fortbytes.

We’ve seen many differing challenge types, but July 11 brings something truly new to the table. Epic asks us to head out to the desert to complete a pattern matching puzzle.

Fortbyte #28 Pattern Matching Puzzle Solution

Every question has an answer and every puzzle has a solution. While solving challenges with your own wit can be exciting, it’ll take time that many of us don’t have. We’ll help you crack the code for Fortbyte 28 with a nice step-by-step guide.

First off, you’ll need to head to the puzzle’s location in the desert biome. It’s not particularly hidden, but a map will get you there faster than personal navigation.

  1. Hop into any Core mode or Team Rumble
  2. Head to the location marked on the map above
  3. Land and loot any weapon from the junkyard
  4. Head to the puzzle on the outside of the junkyard (East side)
  5. Pull the lever and watch the colors light up, remember the pattern
  6. Repeat the pattern by shooting the colors to earn a point
  7. Get a score of 4 and unlock the Fortbyte
  8. Profit!

Also, YouTuber HarryNinetyFour put together an excellent video tutorial players as well. The video shows the entirety of the challenge from landing to the Fortbyte 28’s pickup.

If you are having serious troubling finding a game without 10 people trying to get the Fortbyte, maybe a wait a few days.

Season 9 will end two weeks after the typical ten week cutoff due Epic’s vacation and the Fortnite World Cup. We’ll all have plenty of time to complete every Battle Pass challenge and Fortbyte, so don’t panic if you are struggling to keep up.

We’ll keep you up-to-date on Fortbyte each day as well as all other Fortnite news and challenges. Also, we’ve be covering Mech vs. Monster event content as the giant robot in Pressure Plant gets finished.

How’s your experience been with collecting Fortbytes? We’d say that the process has been enjoyable and we’d like to Epic give us something similar going forward. They’re simple challenges, but they keep us wanting to get back on Fortnite for the chance at a exclusive reward.

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